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Geometry Dash 


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Ready to take off and beat the GEOMETRY challenges? But can’t because you have to pay for the app’s official version? Welcome to the vibrant world of GEOMETRY DASH APK no Mod, where beating challenges combines with accuracy in the jungle of shapes and music – all for free! 

The Geometry Dash APK offers you the full game for free. You get to experience all the features of the original version such as the editor, customization, challenges, and much more. Download now the normal free version of Geometry Dash with no mod. 

What is the Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK is the same as the official version found on the Google Play Store and App Store. However, there is one big difference between the APK version and the original version the APK version is free to download. You get the same features as the original version for no cost.

Expect to have a smooth interface that makes your experience unique. Same features as the official app such as a leaderboard to compete, soundtrack, challenges, and much more. With APK version has the same amount of fun in this arcade game as the original version. Download the Geometry Dash 2.206 now!

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Geometry Dash

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Feature of Geometry Dash APK

Improved Performance:

Geometry Dash is made for everyone to play and enjoy, with that the game operates efficiently on different devices, certifying a smooth and continual gaming experience. 

Practice Mod:

A beginner or not, everyone needs to practice. Geometry Dash provides you with practice mode where you can test yourself, improve your timing, explore new tricks, and overall polish your skills. 

Geometry Dash GUI

Various Icons Customization:

Geometry Dash Apk and games like that are all about customization. Geometry Dash personalization has no limits, the game offers a wide range of icons, colors, and skins to select from, you have innovative independence to shape your icons into a distinctive and engaging structure. Convey yourself, shine, and let your personality glow as you guide the geometric countryside.

All-level beat and editor:

Another exciting feature of Geometry Dash is the level editor. This quality permits the users to create their exclusive stages and share them with other users. Once a user has completed generating their levels, they can share their created levels with others too. 

This game also permits users to post their levels on the online server where other users can install and play. This feature cheers up creativity and investigation and encourages a sense of belonging between users. Users can also browse and play levels created by other users.

Daily Challenges :

Geometry Dash provides daily and user-created challenges that permit users to earn benefits and test their expertise. The game’s originator creates daily challenges and provides players a chance to earn rewards for finishing given tasks. Other players create user-created challenges and provide unique and challenging experiences. 

Geometry Dash levels


Geometry Dash has a lot of achievements to offer that users can unlock by finishing particular tasks. Achievements can cover finishing different levels, earning a high score on a specific level or summing up a certain number of orbs. But with Geometry Dash APK, you can achieve all milestones without completing any task.

Free to Download:

Unlike the original version that you can find on platforms such as Google Play Store and App Store this APK version is free. You get to have the best experiences with its features such as various levels, exploring with friends, and more for totally free!


Geometry Dash provides you with music options that you can choose while beating levels. You get to choose your soundtrack and listen to it to perform better and keep up with the rhythm. 

Multiplayer Mode:

You don’t have to worry about being lonely while beating the challenges in this game. Because you have the option for multiplayer where you can find people to play with and make friends. Furthermore, you can also play with just your friends and have a relaxed and fun time while going through challenges. Check out Geometry Dash on PC, and see how all the features work on it.

Geometry Dash Levels Guide 

Geometry Dash comes with many levels, to keep you entertained and committed to the game. Some of these are only achievable by those who have the skill and patience to do so, check these levels info below.

Easy and Normal Levels: 

These levels are made for casual players who like to once in a while have fun and enjoy without it being competitive. Some of these levels are, “lucid dream, Warmth, Back on Track, Sonar,” and many more. 

Difficult Levels:

Now difficult levels are where things get tricky and a bit competitive for you. These are the levels you should play when you need to test yourself and are looking for more than a relaxed environment. 

Demon Levels:

This is where you get tested in Geometry Dash, demon levels require a lot of patience, skills, practice, and time to complete. These levels are not for everyone because most people cannot reach them, these levels give you an extremely challenging and competitive experience.

Furthermore, there is a surprise for you, Demon levels have a category in which more demon levels fall under which are mentioned below:

  • Easy Demons: Easiest demons to go through from the 5, without requiring much skills. 
  • Medium Demons: Average demons, they are quite a bit harder than the easy ones but not impossible to go through. 
  • Hard Damons: This is the middle of demons where things are normal and tricky at the same time, but still possible to beat them. 
  • Insane Demons: Things escalate quickly here and this is a big jump from the first 3, they required a lot of skills, time, and patience to beat. Extreme Demons: This is the hardest demon of all, it requires an unreal amount of skills, time management, accuracy, and more just to get close to beating.
Geometry Dash beating levels

Is Geometry Dash Lite the Same as the Regular Version?

No, Geometry Dash lite isn’t the same as the regular version. In Geometry Dash Lite there are only 16 levels, and it comes with ads and restrictions. The lite version is only made for you to get an idea of the full version.

What’s New in Geometry Dash 2.206 Latest Version

Geometry Dash 2.206 is finally out and it has come with many new updates and quality of life changes. The new changes improve the game’s overall experience and below is the list of all new features in Geometry Dash APK version 2.206:

  1. 1200+ Free Copyright-free songs!
  2. Ignore Damage in the editor’s levels.
  3. Hide Level Complete Screen.
  4. Estimated completion time for Platformer levels.
  5. Back to the last checkpoint after Practise Complete.
  6. Improved Performance for Windows (64-bit)
  7. Fixed Launch and Performance issues for MAC.
  8. Many bug fixes and tweaks.

The source of these Geometry Dash patches is Steam, and you can learn about it more here. Furthermore, below are more features that are included in version 2.206 from the old versions:

  • Dynamic Soundtracks
  • Enhanced Level Editor
  • New Game Modes
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Practice Mode Enhancements 
  • Community and Social Features
  • New Obstacles and Power-Ups

To learn more about Geometry Dash 2.206 check out the video below to get in-depth knowledge.

Minimum Requirements to Download Geometry Dash on Android

Android Version4.0+

How to Download the APK Version of Geometry Dash on Android

  • Step 1: Enable unknown sources: Before you can start installing the APK file, you need to turn the download from unknown sources on. For this simply go to your device settings then “Privacy,” and enable downloads from “Unknown Sources.”
  • Step 2: Now, Tap on the download button, to start installing Geometry Dash APK.
  • Step 3: Install the APK file.: Now just go to your device downloads folder, and tap on the Geometry Dash file you just downloaded. Now there will be an installation process, after that, the game will be available to play on your home screen.

Wondering how to download Geometry Dash on IOS? Check out this article for the Geometry Dash IOS guide.

Tips and Tricks for Geometry Dash 

Mastering Geometry Dash isn’t a walk in the park, but with some patience and effort, you’ll conquer it. Check these quick tips:

  1. Practice makes perfect: Repeat tough parts for muscle memory and reflexes. Persistence is key.
  2. Learn from the pros: Watch gameplay videos for tactics and inspiration.
  3. Concentration is key: Play in a quiet place, cut distractions, and focus.
  4. Customize controls: Experiment with settings for better accuracy. Try a controller or a larger screen.
  5. Study patterns: Obstacles follow predictable layouts, so memorize them for quicker clears.
  6. Use practice mode: Perfect tricky sections without losing progress.
  7. Know the level design: Be familiar with spike placements and hazards.
  8. Checkpoint advantage: Utilize them to avoid restarting from scratch.
  9. Keep the rhythm: Sync your moves with the beats for better jumps and timing.
  10. Stay calm: Setbacks are part of the game. Keep cool, be patient, and see every failure as a chance to improve.
  11. Take breaks: Step away if frustration hits. A short break can bring a fresh perspective.
  12. Explore custom levels: Dive into user-created challenges for a unique experience.
  13. Join the community: Engage in forums, watch live streams, and learn from others.

Remember, Geometry Dash is a journey. Don’t let initial failures discourage you. Keep at it, and you’ll level up your skills!

Geometry Dash Level Complete

Video Walkthrough of Geometry Dash

Controls and Gameplay of Geometry Dash

Controls and Gameplay of the Geometry Dash APK are a bit tricky, but yet simple and fun to master. Check them out below:


Time is key in geometry dash, your every level depends on it. To complete every level in Geometry Dash time accuracy is a must, and you must keep the rhythm. 

Custom Features in Levels:

There are many levels in Geometry Dash, some are easy and some are demons. But that doesn’t make them boring because on many levels you have certain features such as flight and control of gravity. 


There are many games with checkpoints these days and you probably know what they do. But in Geometry Dash these checkpoints are a must, and you need to follow them, if you fail once, you need to restart all over.

These are just the gameplay mechanics of this game and controls depend on every mode. In some, you just have to tap, and in some, you just have to hold. You can discover more by downloading and playing the game, and choose whatever you are comfortable with. 

Pros And Cons of Geometry Dash APK


  • Create your own custom levels.
  • No need to worry about ads.
  • Enhanced and Smooth Experience. 
  • Doesn’t Require a high-end device.
  • Free to download.
  • Comes with daily challenges and hours of fun.


  • May Violate Terms of Service.
  • No Official Support for the APK version.
  • Difficult to progress through at times.


Geometry Dash isn’t really free because on official sources you need to pay money and download the game. However, you can download the APK version of Geometry Dash for free.

Yes, Geometry Dash v2.206 is out and you can download it from many sources including from our website for free.

Yes, Geometry Dash is safe for kids, it doesn’t contain any adult, or mature content, and is overall a fun game for everyone. The game age rating is for everyone.

Whether geometry dash is easier on mobile depends on you. There are different advantages of playing it on PC, and different on playing on Mobile. However, some players have said that passing demon levels is easier on PC. 

Yes, there is a free version of Geometry Dash, which is called Geometry Dash Lite, which includes the first 16 levels from the full version. You can also download the APK version of Geometry Dash for free, which provides the original version for no cost.

Yes, you can download Geometry Dash on your PC, by using platforms such as Steam, and emulators.

There are many modes available in Geometry Dash such as BALL, WAVE, UFO, ROBOT, SPIDER, and many more. 

Geometry Dash does not have its own in-game store, you don’t need to worry about buying additional items in the games.

The reason why you cannot play Geometry Dash on IOS 17, is because IOS 17 doesn’t support 32-bit games, so you now need to wait till the game is updated for IOS 17.

Yes, by using the account feature Geometry Dash provides, with its help, you can move your progress from the lite version to the full version.


Geometry Dash APK opens the gate of restrictions, you get the same experience as the original app and get to enjoy its features for your customization. With Geometry Dash APK you don’t need to pay anything, and download it for free. This article offers you all the information on Geometry Dash from what it is to its controls, pros and cons, and much more. Download the 2024 latest Geometry Dash 2.206 APK version easily, safely, and free and embark on a journey of beating obstacles.