Geometry Dash 2.206 On Pc | Free Download 2024

Geometry Dash is about beating challenges and flying through many levels. But the low resolution on mobiles makes the game harder for some players. However, there is also a PC version of Geometry Dash, that’s made for players that want to play on larger screens.

With the PC version of Geometry Dash, you can have better reaction time for the obstacles that come. Be able to beat the demon levels much easier, and as well enjoy the better graphics and performance on PC. You can download it through either steam or an emulator. Learn more about Geometry Dash PC by following this article. 

About Geometry Dash World on PC

Geometry Dash is a video game created by RobTop Games, for every platform. However, it is mostly played on mobile devices, and not often on PC. In Geometry Dash you have levels that you have to go through, that are made by other players using the level editor system. You can even play your own levels. 

This game can be played on every platform, however, you have to purchase the full version in order to get the full experience. You can buy the game on Play Store and App Store for mobile devices. However, for PC you need to use platforms such as Steam to buy the game or use an emulator in order to play the game. Check out Geometry Dash on IOS, if you are intrested in it.

Geometry Dash Pc Preview

Features of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash comes with many features that you can play around with. You can check out some of the Features of Geometry Dash below, and also know how those features perform better on your PC. Learn more about Geometry Dash in this artículo.

Mejora Del Rendimiento:

Geometry Dash runs effectively on varied devices, such as iPhone and Android, and offers a smooth and ongoing gaming experience. However, if you use a PC for playing Geometry Dash you can expect a much better performance than on mobile devices. 

Banda sonora:

Geometry Dash every stage comes with different and exciting rhythms that you can follow and play it, they will guide you on how to to progress through the stage.

Varios Iconos De Personalización:

There are numerous choices of icons and you can select from and customize. The icon kit in geometry dash, allows you to customize the icon used in gameplay exactly like your preference. You can earn icons through many things in the game.

La Práctica Mod:

Geometry Dash arrives with practice mod, you can give them a try without worrying about beating the level and just for the practice and to increase your skill. If you decide to play on PC, this feature can be very helpful, based on what other players have said.

How to Download Geometry Dash on PC

Geometry Dash is mostly played on mobile devices, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot play it on PC. Many players have said that it’s much easier to go through certain levels on PC. To download on PC you can multiple platforms such as directly downloading from Steam or Using Emulators and downloading the Android version. 

If you wish to play Geometry Dash using emulators, the process is a bit tricky but possible. First, you need to choose an emulator, there are many to choose from such as BlueStacks, DOSBox, Dolphin, PCSX2, VirtualBox, QEMU, LD Player and many more. We have selected the best two for you which are Bluestacks and LD Player, and below you can see how to download Geometry Dash on PC using emulators and as well learn how to download it from Steam. 

Note: You can download Geometry Dash directly on your PC from the download link above, the methods mentioned below are 3rd parties applications such as Steam, Bluestack, and LD Player.

Through Steam:

The process is quite simple as it is easy to download Geometry Dash on Steam you can see the step to step guide below. 

  • Step 1: Download Steam. 
  • Step 2: Either make a new Steam account or log into your existing account. 
  • Step 3: Search for Geometry Dash, and download it.

Note: Keep in mind you have to pay for the game in order to download it. Geometry Dash isn’t a free game unless you download the APK version.

Using BlueStacks:

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Windows that gives you access to install Android games/applications on your PC. It Provides you with features like multi-tasking, adjusting controls, syncing multiple devices, Enhancing graphics also optimizing performance. Bluestacks gives user Android-like UI on their PCs.

  • Paso 1: Go to Bluestacks Official website: install the latest version on your PC. 
  • Paso 2:  When the installation is complete, run the app on your windows. Click on the Play Store App and Sign up or log in with your Google Account.
  • Paso 3: You can search the Geometry Dash on the Playstore search bar and install it. When installation is complete, you can launch Geometry Dash by going to the home screen. 

Using LD Player:

LD Player is a specialized Android emulator for gaming on PC, just like Bluestacks. This emulator provides special support to Android 7.1 with its aim to give the users a smooth experience. The basic feature is that it runs multiple apps at the same time. 

  • Paso 1: Go to click on the download button install the latest version of it. Currently, its latest version is LD Player 9.
  • Step  2: After installing LD Player, launch the emulator. Then click on the LD Store Button and search for Geometry Dash. A Sign-in popup of your Google Account will appear in front of you sign-in with your Google account to install the game.

Minimum requirements Of Playing Geometry Dash On PC

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 or above
Processor2.0+ GHz.
Memory2 GB+ available space.
GraphicsOpenGL 2.0 support

How to Uninstall Geometry Dash on your PC

It’s very easy to Uninstall Geometry Dash from your PC whether you downloaded through Steam or Bluestacks. Here are simple steps for uninstalling:

  • Open the Emulator that you are using and click on My Games Folder
  • Right click on the geometry dash.
  • Click uninstall.
  • Confirmation pop-up will appear in front of you screen click on it, and the game will be deleted.

For Steam you can simply just delete the game, just like any other app you delete on PC. Or go to your steam account and in the downloads section delete Geometry Dash.

Pros and cons Of Playing Geometry Dash on PC


  • Enhance overall performance of your game while playing. It’s easier to control. 
  • It maximizes the graphics of the game because of the larger resolution.
  • Easier for users to clear demo stages on PC as compared to mobile.
  • Also easy to navigate on PC, the icon gets 4x bigger.
  • You can use devices like joysticks, keyboards on PCs which make it easier to play.
  • You can stream Geometry dash easily on PC.


  • Spamming is harder. Users can’t spam as much.
  • Hard transition for users from touching the screen to spacebar / arrow buttons / mouse.
  • Sometimes Geometry Dash crashes.
  • Controls can be laggy.

Playing Geometry Dash On Mobile vs Pc

Playable AnywhereLarger Screen
Easier controlsBetter Graphics
Can be played without access to Wifi/ElectricityImproved Performance
ConvenienceBetter for long sessions

Preguntas frecuentes

Geometry Dash for PC is not free, and you’ll have to repurchase it even if you already purchased the mobile version.

At the top right of your computer screen click on the “Restore Down” option or just simply press F11.

The main reason for Geometry Dash running slow can be because of your PC specification, so make sure you have a good PC, to play Geometry Dash smoothly. You can also try some settings such as lowering down the Graphics of Geometry Dash to get a somewhat good experience.

Yes, emulators are usually safe for downloading Geometry Dash on PC.

Prices can vary where you live but downloading Geometry Dash on PC can cost you 3.99$.


Geometry Dash requires time, patience, skills, quick reflexes, and a sharp mind to play. This game can be played on every platform, but for some users a PC is the better option. In this article you can learn how to download it on PC, using various platforms. Whether your choice is using emulators or through steam you can learn that, and start beating levels. By playing Geometry Dash on PC you can expect better performance, graphics, sound and much more.