How to Upload a Geometry Dash Level 2024

Many Geometry Dash players face the challenge of navigating the level upload process, which can seem complex. However, by breaking down the Geometry dash upload process into manageable steps and providing clear instructions. Players can confidently share their creativity with the Geometry Dash community. So, read the article below to upload your own level in Geometry Dash.

How to Upload a Level in Geometry Dash

To upload the level in geometry dash, first create and verify your level editor. Then, log in to your Geometry Dash account and access the level editor. Look for the option to upload your level and fill in details such as name, description, and difficulty. Submit your level and wait for it to be approved by the Geometry Dash team. Once approved, you can share your level ID with others.

Benefit of Uploading a Level in Geometry Dash

Uploading a level in Geometry Dash lets you share your creativity with others. It’s a chance to get recognition, and feedback and make new friends in the game community. Plus, it’s just plain fun to see people enjoy the level you created. To learn more about benefits of Geometry dash check out this article.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upload A Geometry Dash Level

Here’s a step-by-step guide to uploading a level in Geometry Dash:

  • Create your level:  Use the level editor to design and build your level. Make sure it’s challenging but also fun to play.
Create your Geometry Dash Level
  • Verify your level:  Play through your level from start to end to ensure it’s beatable. This step is crucial before uploading.
  • Access the level editor: Go to the level editor where you created your level.
  • Upload your level:  Look for the option to upload your level. It’s usually found in the level editor menu.
Upload a Geometry Dash Level
  • Fill in details: Provide info about your level, such as its name, description, and difficulty level. Also, select appropriate tags or categories. 
  • Submit your level:  Once you have filled in the details submit your level for upload.
  • Wait for approval: Your level will undergo a review process by the Geometry Dash team. This may take some time, so be patient.
  • Share your level: Once approved, you will receive a level ID. You can share this ID with others and then they can test out your level. 

That’s it! Follow these steps, and you will successfully upload your level to Geometry Dash for others to enjoy. Here is a video guide to to upload a Geometry Dash level:


Uploading a level in geometry dash is a straightforward process that enables players to share their creativity with the community. By following a step by step guide, creators can showcase their designs, receive feedback and enjoy seeing others enjoy their work.