Top 5 Geometry Dash Games Guide 2024 

Top 5 Geometry Dash Games Guide 2024 

Geometry Dash has been gaining popularity, and so has the game developer, RobTop. They have various games similar to Geometry Dash, that provide quite a similar experience.  But do they just provide a similar experience, and are even good? Learn the details about the top 5 geometry dash games in this guide. 

Who is The Geometry Dash Developer and What do They do?

Robert Topala also known as RobTop developer is the talented person behind Geometry Dash which is run by the company RobTop Games. He’s the mastermind who does all the things from designing and programming to creating soundtracks for the game. RobTops Games his company created other games like “Boomling” and “Memory Mastermind” etc. 

The Geometry Dash game series is his most famous creation known for its challenging levels, catchy soundtracks and ability to let players create and share their levels. The developers role includes updating games with new features and adding new levels, fixing bugs and also works on new upcoming projects under RobTops Games label.

Overview of Top 5 Geometry Dash Games 

Including Geometry Dash, what other games are there by Geometry Dash developer? Discover in top 5 list below:

Geometry Dash:

The original version of the game which has all the levels and features in it. A fast-paced gameplay that challenges player’s ability and skills to navigate through levels filled with obstacles and spikes by syncing your jumps with the music beats.It includes a level editor for creating your own custom levels, a variety of difficulty settings, achievements, and an online community. Learn more about Geometry Dash in this article

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Lite:

This is the free version of Geometry Dash which offers a limited number of levels and features. It’s great for experiencing the game and getting a feel of it too and see if you enjoy the gameplay before purchasing the full version of the game.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash SubZero:

This version of the game which is available to download for free features the winter theme with new levels and music.It’s known for its cool aesthetics and fresh new soundtracks provides you with a new twist on the classic Geometry Dash gameplay.

Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash Meltdown:

This version is also free to play. Geometry Dash Meltdown offers a fiery theme with a new set of levels, features and exclusive soundtracks. This game offers its own story and retains the core gameplay of Geometry Dash with new adventures.

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash World:

Offers a taste of  the Geometry Dash experience. The Geometry Dash World game introduces new levels, unique music beats and colorful graphics. Furthermore, it comes with daily quests and new unlockable icons and colors to customize your character.

Geometry Dash World

Where Can You Find and Download Geometry Dash Games?

Finding Geometry Dash games depends where you want to play them. Geometry Dash World is available on IOS, Android and even on PC. So, whether wanting to play on Android, IOS or PC, you can easily just have a look at the little guide below to discover where and how to download Geometry Dash game:

  • Android: For Android, simply go to Google Play Store, and search for the game that you want to download.
  • IOS: The way of finding and downloading games on IOS is quite similar to Android, just go to the App Store and search for the Geometry Dash game that you want to download. 
  • PC: For PC there are two ways to find and download Geometry Dash games, first go to Steam and search for the game you want. Second, download emulators such as Bluestacks, and then Install the game through the Play Store.

If you want to learn how to create a Geometry Dash Account check out this article, giving you a guide on creating Geometry Dash Account.


Robert Topala and his company RobTop games are the masterminds, who created Geometry Dash World. Apart from Geometry Dash, they offer other games too such as Geometry Dash, SubZero, Meltdown and more. This article goes into the details about the top 5 geometry dash games, giving an overview and where you can find them.