How to Play Geometry Dash 2024 Best Guide

Geometry Dash is a super fun game, all about controlling a square character and navigating through levels while dodging obstacles. Games start off easy but can be harder as you navigate through levels while dodging obstacles. For some it may be quite hard to get a hold of, but there are things that can help you. 

Timing and accuracy are important, especially with the beats of the music. There are tons of customization options and achievements to make your experience even better. You even have the ability to create your levels and share them with other players. From this article you can get a full guide on how to play Geometry Dash as a beginner or even a bit of an experienced player. 

Geometry Dash is addictive and satisfying when you complete a difficult level or beat your high score. However, there are things you have to keep in mind while playing Geometry Dash. Staying relaxed and more focused towards the game is a key! Learn about creating a geometry dash account.

Knowing Basics of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an incredibly fun and addictive game where you control the square shape character and navigate through levels dodging obstacles. It starts off easy and gets harder after each level. Geometry Dash is about timing, accuracy and the combination of musical beats. 

Tons of customization and achievements enhance your experience. If you are creative you can create your own levels with the help of edit features and share them with other users. Geometry Dash is the kind of game that keeps you hooked and always wants you to improve your skills. Also, it gives you satisfaction when you complete a difficult level or beat your own high score.

How to Play Geometry Dash to get better

Step to Step Guide of Playing Geometry Dash

If you are a new player of Geometry Dash you may need help with knowing the game. Below you can below see a step to step guide of playing Geometry Dash that can help you on your journey. This is not just for new players even if you are a bit old player and can’t get a hold of the game, the steps below can help you. Check out this article to discover a lot more about Geometry Dash.

Main Levels

When you first start playing.Main levels are a great place  to start with.These levels are designed to introduce you to the game which helps you to get used to it and let you know about the game structure. Each level has its own obstacles and challenges so it’s good for you to take your time and practice each level.

Enable Progress 

Turning off the extra stuff on the screen so you can focus better is a great idea! Keeping the progress bar and percentage is helpful, especially in tough levels where it takes a while to reach the end. It keeps you motivated and lets you see how far you’ve come from the first time you played. 

Pay Attention to The Music and Visuals 

The music and visuals are key. Music syncs up with the game play which helps you perfectly time those jumps and get yourself into the flow so pay close attention to them. Visuals help involve you more into the game. This makes the whole experience more immersive.

Geometry Dash Song Selection

Ignoring Coins

When playing games you try your best to collect currency and in the case of Geometry Dash its coins. But at the start you should try and ignore them so you can focus more on your skills. This way your focus will be on getting through levels and enhancing your skills, and ultimately you will be collecting coins without trying. 

You can later use coins you collect to buy collectibles, that can unlock your secret levels and earn you extra reward. Collecting them adds an extra challenge but at the start you should focus more on improving your skills by focusing on levels. 

Additional Tips on how to Play Geometry Dash

We have discussed step to step guides that can help you on your journey on Geometry Dash especially as a starter. But there are some more tips that you can give a try to  better at Geometry Dash. Below there are some additional tips on how to play Geometry Dash that you can follow. 

Making Use of Practise Mode

Geometry Dash has a practice mode that can be accessed by tapping on the green button in the pause menu. In practice mode, the game will automatically create checkpoints at regular intervals to help you out. If you want, you can turn off the auto-checkpoints from the pause menu, giving you the flexibility to choose whether or not those checkpoints appear while practicing.

Geometry Dash Practise Mode

Joining Geometry Dash Community 

The Geometry Dash community has a huge number of players who share their levels and achievements online. Connecting with other players can be a great way to get tips, tricks and can discover new levels.You will find a supportive community who can help you resolve your issue and share their experience.You can join Discord servers forums and Other social media.

Being Relaxed 

Geometry Dash can be intense sometimes but it’s important to stay relaxed and enjoy the game. Don’t let frustration get into you. Take breaks when needed, listen to some music, calm yourself and then come back with a fresh mindset.

Wrapping Up

Geometry dash is all about the timing, reflexes and mastering tricky jumps.You should start with practice mode, repeating levels, and once you get used to it then go for more challenging levels. Remember to take breaks and connect with the community for tips and support. Keep yourself calm & relaxed while playing. This article covers and provides you a guide on how to play Geometry Dash.