Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku? Discover now!

Geometry Dash is a popular game that combines art, music, and addictive gameplay. It challenges you to control a square character and dodge obstacles. On the other hand, Pikuniku is a puzzle game where you play as a red character named Piku. You’ll explore a colorful world, interact with characters, and solve puzzles. 

Both of these games offer different features, communities, challenges, and much more. However, between both who would be your best choice and who would be the winner? Decide by following this article about Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku.

Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku

Introduction to Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a worldwide popular game. It’s like a mix of gaming, art, and music all in one also known for its addictive gameplay. Geometry Dash is a game that offers you challenging gameplay that tests your skills. In the game, you control a square-shaped character through different levels of dogging obstacles. The goal is to jump and fly your way to the end while synchronizing your moves with the music beats. It requires timing and quick reflexes to dodge the objects and to complete the level. Also, check out a detailed article about Geometry Dash.

Practice Mode:

Geometry Dash has a practice mode that allows you to improve your skills and overcome challenging levels. In practice mode, you can focus on specific sections of a level, practicing them repeatedly until you feel confident. This helps you master difficult jumps, timing, and obstacles without the pressure of completing the entire level. It’s a fantastic way to hone your skills and progress through the Geometry Dash at your own pace.

Level Editor:

The Level Editor in Geometry Dash lets you create custom levels in the game. You can design the layout, place obstacles, and even choose the music and visuals for your level. It’s a way to get creative and share your creations with others. You can challenge others, such as your friends to try out the custom levels you created. The Level Editor adds a lot of excitement and endless possibilities to the game. 

Geometry Dash Level Editor

Customization Options:

In Geometry Dash, you have the ability to customize your cube and make it unique. You can choose different kinds of colors, and shapes, and even add special effects. Additionally, you can customize the background and the icons that appear in the game. You get to personalize your gameplay experience and show off your style. With the customization options in Geometry Dash, you can make your character and levels truly your own. 

Geometry Dash Customization

Online Community:

Geometry Dash has a vibrant online community where players can connect, share, and discover with each other. The online community lets players showcase their creativity, challenge each other with user-created levels, and engage in friendly competition. It’s a great way to connect with players, exchange tips and tricks, and explore a seemingly endless array of user-generated content.

Introduction to Pikuniku

Pikuniku is an awesome game that you will enjoy playing. In the game, the character you play is red and named Piku.  In this game, you will explore a colorful and imaginative world, interact with other characters, and solve difficult puzzles. The game has a great sense of humor with funny dialogue and unexpected surprises that lift up the overall experience of the game that you won’t want to miss.


Practice Mode:

Pikuniku doesn’t have a specific practice mode like Geometry Dash. However, the game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable to all levels of skill players. You can explore the colorful world of Pikuniku at your own leisure, taking your time to solve puzzles and complete challenges. Pikuniku sparks creativity and experimentation, allowing you to find unique solutions to each puzzle. So while there may not be a dedicated practice mode, you can still enjoy the game’s delightful gameplay and quirky adventures.

Cooperative Gameplay:

You can play with a friend and work with each other to solve puzzles and complete challenges. It’s a fun way to team up and explore the colorful world of PIKUNIKU. You can coordinate your actions, help each other out, and have a fun time playing. Cooperative gameplay adds extra enjoyment and collaboration to the game. So grab a friend, get ready and start playing Pikuniku. 

Creative Puzzles:

In the game, you’ll encounter a variety of challenging puzzles that you need to solve. These puzzles are designed in a creative way, so you’ll have to think cleverly and use your skills to find unique solutions. Each puzzle offers a unique experience and challenges you in various ways. 

Pikuniku puzzels

Online Community:

As for Pikuniku, while it doesn’t have an extensive online community like Geometry Dash, it still offers a cooperative multiplayer mode where you can team up with friends and explore the game’s whimsical world together. You can embark on the quirky adventures of Pikuniku with a buddy, solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and uncovering secrets. 

How to Download Geometry Dash on Android or iPhone

  • Open Appstore / Playstore on your device.
  • Tap on the search icon, and search for Geometry Dash.
  • Look for the official Geometry Dash app by RobTop Games and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Get” or “Install” to start downloading.
  • Wait until the downloading and installing process to complete.
  • Once installed you can find Geometry Dash on your home screen, and tap on it to start playing.

Know how to download Geometry Dash on PC.

How to Download Pikuniku for PC

Downloading Pikuniku is simple and easy, but it can’t be played on mobile devices. You can download it through Steam and the process for it is mentioned below:

  • Visit Steam and search for Pikuniku.
  • Next, purchase the game and wait for it to download.
  • After the installation is done, go to your Steam download section and simply launch the game.

What is better between Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku

Geometry Dash has all the cool features such as animations/visuals and music beats which makes it more exciting and addictive. Also, you find the level editor and online community so you might lean towards Geometry Dash for its creative and community-driven content. Whereas if you are in the mood for something more relaxed with good humor and funny dialogues, Pikuniku could be a refreshing change in pace. With its colorful and imaginative world interacting with characters and solving difficult puzzles. 

It’s all about what entertainment you are looking for. Both games have their own unique experiences. Geometry Dash is all about timing, precision, and creativity while Pikuniku is more about exploring and puzzle-solving. It depends on the mood you are having and what kind of gameplay you want to play. Choosing the winner between Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku is your choice.


In this detailed overview of Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku both comes out with features that are different and somewhat similar, and both have different requirements to play. However, the comparison of two choices of picking can be difficult and depends on your performance. This article covers all the aspects that you need to know in order to decide which game to pick between the two and what can be the better between Geometry Dash vs Pikuniku.