Top Best Alternative Games to Geometry Dash

While Geometry Dash is a great fun game, where you beat levels and fly through levels. What could be its competitors or alternative games that you can play to achieve a similar experience? Sometimes you can get bored by just playing a single game, or just want to try a different game to test. In this article list of 6 alternative games to Geometry Dash World are covered such as Run 3, Super Meat Boy, and more.

Why Play Alternative Games to Geometry Dash

Playing alternative games to Geometry Dash can be a good thing for you to experience different types of gameplay. Because they offer challenges that you haven’t seen before with new storylines, new adventures, music, advanced features, and new themes. Which keeps you more excited and fun and also helps you enhance your overall skills and reflexes.

Plus it’s a new way to experience what other developers have to offer and their creativity. It’s like you have many flavors of ice cream and all of them taste delicious. If you are interested in first learning more about Geometry Dash and how to download check out this article.

Top 6 List of Alternative Games To Geometry Dash

Below is your guide to the best 6 alternative games to Geometry Dash that you can play and give a try. Also, check this Geometry Dash guide if you want to improve more in Geometry Dash.

The Impossible Game:

The Impossible game is a challenging and addictive platforming game. The goal is simple: guide a square through a level filled with obstacles and try to reach the end. However, it’s called the Impossible Game for a reason! The levels are designed to be extremely difficult, with precise timing and quick reflexes required to avoid spikes and other hazards. The Impossible Game will test your patience and skill as you strive to beat each level and achieve a high score. So, if you want a tough challenge, give The Impossible Game a try. 

The Impossible Game

In this game, like a geometry dash, you have to guide a square through a level filled with obstacles. It’s really challenging because you have to be quick and avoid spikes and other things that can hurt you. Just like  Geometry Dash, you need to have good timing and reflexes to do well in The Impossible Game. So, if you like Geometry Dash and want another game with a similar feel, you should give The Impossible Game a try. 

Bit.Trip Runner:

Bit Trip Runner is a super fun game where you control a character named CommanderVideo. It’s an endless runner game with a unique twist. As CommanderVideo runs automatically, you have to time your jumps, slides and kicks to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups. The game features awesome retro-style graphics and a catchy chiptune soundtrack that gets you in the groove. It’s all about rhythm and precision as you navigate through the levels, avoiding obstacles and grooving to the beat. Get ready to jump, and dance your way to victory in Bit.Trip Runner. 

Bit.Trip Runner

Bit.Trip Runner is like Geometry Dash but with more music. In Bit. Trip Runner, you control a character who runs automatically, and you have to jump and slide to avoid obstacles. The cool part is that you have to do it in time with the music! It adds a fun rhythm element to the game. So, if you like Geometry Dash but want to groove to the beat while playing, you should give Bit.Trip Runner a try.

Super Meat Boy:

This is an awesome game where you play as a little meaty character named Meat Boy (surprise, surprise!). The goal is to rescue your girlfriend, Bandage Girl, who has been captured by the evil Dr. Fetus. The game is all about platforming and precision. You’ll face tons of challenging levels filled with deadly obstacles and traps, and you’ll need to navigate through them with quick reflexes and pixel-perfect jumps. Super Meat Boy is a fast-paced and addictive game that will test the skills you have and make you come back for more. 

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy can be considered an alternative to Geometry Dash because both games offer challenging platforming experiences. While Geometry Dash focuses on navigating geometric obstacles with precise timing, Super Meat Boy adds a different flavor with its unique character, Meat Boy, and its intense levels filled with hazards and traps. 

Geometry Dash and Super Meat Boy both require quick reflexes and skillful maneuvering to defeat obstacles and levels. So, if you enjoy the fast-paced, challenging gameplay of Geometry Dash, Super Meat Boy could be a great alternative for you to try out. 

Electronic Super Joy:

Electronic Super Joy is an awesome game that combines platforming and rhythm elements. You play as a tiny character on a mission to save the world from a wizard that is very evil . The game features vibrant visuals, pulsating electronic music, and challenging levels filled with obstacles and enemies. It’s all about precision jumps, dodging hazards, and grooving to the beat of the music. With its unique blend of platforming and rhythm, Electronic Super Joy offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. 

Electronic Super Joy

Electronic Super Joy can be seen as an alternative to Geometry Dash because both games share similarities in terms of gameplay mechanics and challenges. Just like in Geometry Dash, Electronic Super Joy requires precise timing and quick reflexes to navigate through levels filled with obstacles. However, Electronic Super Joy adds a unique twist with its incorporation of rhythm elements, which adds an extra layer of excitement and coordination to the gameplay. 

So, if you enjoy the fast-paced and challenging nature of Geometry Dash, you’ll likely find Electronic Super Joy to be a thrilling alternative that offers a similar experience with its own unique flavor.


VVVVVV is a really cool game where you control a little character named Captain Viridian. The unique thing about this game is that instead of jumping, Captain Viridian can flip gravity, which means he can walk on the ceiling or the floor. It’s a classic game with catchy music and challenging levels. The goal is to navigate through the levels, avoiding spikes and hazards while trying to rescue your crew members. 


VVVVVV and Geometry Dash have a lot in common when it comes to gameplay. They both have challenging levels with lots of obstacles that you need to explore and beat. In both games, you will be required to have quick reflexes and timing to succeed. The main difference is that in Geometry Dash, you control a square character that jumps over geometric obstacles, while in VVVVVV, you control Captain Viridian and can flip gravity. But overall, they both offer fast-paced and challenging gameplay experiences that will keep you on your toes. 

Run 3:

Run 3 is a game where you control a little alien running and jumping through space tunnels. It’s all about dodging obstacles and staying on track. Just like Geometry Dash, it’s super fun and challenging. 

Run 3 is an alternative to Geometry Dash because it offers a similar kind of gameplay experience. Both games involve navigating through challenging levels filled with obstacles and require quick reflexes and precise timing. While Geometry Dash focuses on a square character jumping through geometric obstacles, Run 3 features an alien character running through space tunnels. So, they’re different in terms of visuals and theme, but they provide a similar kind of fast-paced, challenging gameplay.

Run 3

What Game Should You Choose as an Alternative to Geometry Dash? 

All 6 listed games are great choices but it’s all about your preference. If you are looking for a similar rhythm-based game like Geometry Dash you should definitely go for “The Impossible Game”. This game has the same vibe as Geometry Dash but has its own unique challenges if you want to mix things up and test your skills. 

Also give Super Meat Boy a try, though it’s not rhythm it offers gameplay that is challenging and fast-paced also known for its difficulty and precise control. It’s all about what kind of challenges you are looking for, what kind of mood you are in, and what kind of gameplay you prefer. So, there are many alternative games to Geometry Dash but in the end, it depends on you which one you will like the most from this list of 6 best games “The Impossible Game” is the best choice you can download it on Google Play Store, App Store and even Steam, just like Geometry Dash.


Geometry Dash World is a game, where you practice and with time your skills get enhanced. But sometimes you feel bored, which can be because of playing the same game too much or just feeling like trying new things. So, while Geometry Dash contains a lot for you to do, what other games could be there for you to play, is conveyed in this article. Along with why you should play with and a detailed overview of top 6 alternative games to Geometry Dash.