How to Add Friends in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is all about leveling up your skills and showing your friends what you can do. It’s a complex game with plenty of unique users and amazing players. Geometry Dash has a really great friends system, where you can chat and play with them and even check their stats. 

What’s the Importance of Adding Friends in Geometry Dash

Adding friends in Geometry Dash gives you more competition and motivation to play the game and push your skills more. With friends, you can also try cool levels and suggest each other unique levels to play or create. Having friends in Geometry Dash also makes it so that you have support and someone to talk to whenever you need help, facing difficulties beating a level, and can also discuss strategies. Plus, you can also brag about your Geometry Dash skills and stats. 

Guide to Add Friends in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a complex game, but that doesn’t mean it’s also complicated to add friends in Geometry Dash. Adding friends is simple in Geometry Dash, just like downloading Geometry Dash and you can check the steps to add friends below:

Step 1: Open Geometry Dash, and click on “Main Menu.”

Step 2: Simply click on “Search,” and type the username of someone you want to add.

Use "Search" to add freinds in Geometry Dash

Step 3: Now, click on the “Add Friend” option, and voila it’s easy and simple. You can also add a custom message while sending a request in Geometry Dash and click on “Submit” 

Send a friend request to Geometry Dash user

Wrapping Up

Geometry Dash is made to level up your skills and show your creativity but you can always do that alone. You need friends to know how good you are and your creativity level in creating Geometry Dash level, which is why Geometry Dash included a special friends feature. Adding friends is simple and easy in Geometry Dash and this article covers the guide you need for adding friends.